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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Improve Your Home With a Split Air Conditioning System

Improve Your Home With a Split Air Conditioning System

With the phase out of the R-22 systems it is more than likely getting close to replace your split air conditioning system. With all of the air conditioning and heating companies that are out there it can be tough to make a choice on what kind of system it is that you will need. For instance should you get a split unit with an electric heater? Or should you get a split air conditioning system with an electric heater and a heat pump? The answer to these questions will actually depend on where you are living geographically.
But the real reason that you should think about a new air conditioning installation in your home is the money you will save in the long run. First off, all of the new air conditioning systems that are manufactured these days come with an energy efficiency rating of at least 13, which is also known as a SEER rating. This is something that you should take into account if you are thinking about a new air conditioning installation for your home.
The higher the SEER rating on your air conditioning system is the less energy that the unit is going to use. Also you are going to see that the higher the SEER rating is on your AC unit is the quieter the unit is going to be also. With that said the units are actually a lot bigger as they go up in SEER ratings. This is something that you are going to have to consider if you have limited space where your old condensing unit is. This usually will have a problem in places such as condos.
When upgrading your air conditioning system make sure that the installers or engineers also replace your duct work and make sure that it is properly sized for the home. You also have to make sure the engineer sizes the unit right for your home. This is a lot more than guessing a tonnage based on just square footage for your home. A lot of this has to do with what type of insulation you have in your attics, what type of roof you have, and what type of material your home is built from. All of this comes into effect when properly sizing your new air conditioning system for your home.
Depending on where you live new air conditioning and heating installations can range anywhere from $4,000 and up. This all depends on how much modification will have to be done to the duct work, if not a complete re-haul of the duct work. For instance if your old unit is an 8 seer, and you get a16 seer air conditioning system installed you are not going to get anywhere near the maximum efficiency of the rated capacity for the new air conditioning system unless you modify the duct work so that you get the proper air flow.


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