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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitchen Looks Totally Different Now

A Colorful Kitchen Makeover Via Posters

by Amy Preiser

A standard-as-can-be kitchen gets a pop art-inspired new look thanks to the most creative use for posters we've ever seen.

We've seen a lot of kitchen makeovers. There's Modern kitchen makeovers and retro makeovers. There'swife-mandated kitchen makeovers, and birthday wish makeovers that maximize space in small kitchens(and big kitchens), makeovers that make the best use of white and makeovers that blow you away with color.

But we've never seen a makeover like this.

Designer Jonathan Fong is a man who makes centerpieces out of paint cans and candles out of Spam containers. So how on earth could he live with a kitchen as blah and standard as this white one?

Perfectly nice, but perfectly boring. Photo: Jonathan Fong.
So naturally, when it came to redoing this white box, he went above and beyond paint. Fong found a slew of Andy Warhol posters for 40% off and instead of buying them to frame, he took it to the next level: Decoupaging them onto his ultra-plain white laminate cabinets. 

Photographs by Jason Radspinner of Image Locations, Inc.

How do you walk into this room and not grin and say "Wow!"? Really. Even after a long day at the office or coming in from the pouring rain. We know Fong has his haters -- he told the LA Times that people are constantly asking him how he lives -- or cooks -- with such a loud kitchen. But what we love even more than his top-tier creativity is his amazing attitude. "Why do you think I'm so skinny?" he says to anyone who wonders how he eats in a place like this (ha!). And how can you not fall head over heels for a man who approached his redesign with the question "What can I do to bring joy to my home, so I'm happy whenever I'm in it?"

We could all learn something from Jonathan Fong -- beyond how to cover our own dull-to-death kitchen cabinets with art prints. We could learn to look at everyday objects through a new lens, to never feel boxed in by the standard options available and to always, always remember that your home needs to make you happy. For him, that means Marilyn Monroe on his drawers. For you, maybe it means an electric pink dish towel. Or even a new kitchen mat in a just-left-of-white hue (we don't judge, neutrals-lovers!) We just hope this kitchen inspires you as much as it inspires us.

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