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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Minute Makeover: Upgrade a Kitchen Island

Minute Makeover: Upgrade a Kitchen Island

by Nikki Pepper

With only one base cabinet, the Hardings are in need of functional storage space. But the wire unit they've been using isn't exactly their ideal design. They need to store bulky items like small appliances and pots and pans in a sleeker way.

Enter Minute Makeover guru, Bob Richter. After defining their kitchen area with a backsplash makeover, he brings in a major solution for all that clutter: An overhead rack for pots and pans to get them out of the way.

Next, he tackles the industrial shelves by replacing them with two stainless steel islands. Not only does this create a work space, it compliments the existing backsplash and carries the motif from the kitchen towards the living space.

With the functional issues solved, he moves to the details. By adding wood and ceramic accents, Richter balances the stainless steel finishes. Plants and vases soften the kitchen and gives it that homey feel.
The Hardings have a kitchen island that organizes and stores all their items -- and looks sleek doing it all.
For more information on the IKEA items featured in this Minute Makeover, scroll over the items in the video, or check out our shopping guide!

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