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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Consider the Cats when Remodeling

Consider the Cats when Remodeling 

Q • We're gutting and remodeling an entire condo, and I want to make concessions for our cats that like to hide and play. Any ideas? — Mary S., Ballwin
Pets are just like children and have to be considered doing any interior design work because they're using the space as well.
Because you're starting from scratch, you might want to consider building some niches at their level. Like the cartoon-like mouse house with a door, you could have a rectangular cut-out to accommodate your furry family members. They could be at counter height going behind a wall, at the floor going into a dead area of kitchen cabinetry. Make sure there is a bit of a trap door or some sort of accessibility so that you can clean or maintain the area.
Heard of doggie doors? Well, you could include kitty doors in rooms where you don't need privacy from your cats. They can be placed to the right or left of a door way or just cut out of the human-sized door.
D. Scott Tjaden is a designer and owner of Tjaden Interiors, 1919 South Grand Boulevard, Suite 608, St. Louis; finelivingstl.com.

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