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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Kitchen Makeover with a Rooster?

A Kitchen Makeover Via Black, White and...Roosters?
by Nikki Pepper

We see a lot of kitchen makeovers that go from wood-to-white. But this one retains its rustic charm with the help of some surprisingly chic, graphic roosters.

Our friends at Realtor.com sent us a California listing like we've never seen. The $4.5 million Beverly Hills home has been for sale for eight months, but it looks entirely different today, than it did several months ago. When it first went on the market, the 1976 home looked, well, a lot like it probably did in the '70s.

BEFORE: Brown cabinets, orange tiles, mismatched countertops -- this kitchen was overdue for a makeover. The appliances look dated, the windows' shutter-style blinds block natural light and make the kitchen feel dark...and that floor is not doing any favors for the space. We'd like to see some contrast besides the stark white dishwasher squeezed in there.

AFTER: What a transformation! This remodeled kitchen has zero brown in sight. Instead, you'll see sleek black flooring and shiny, onyx countertops. Cabinets are a a fresh white which helps brighten the space. Thanks to now-unobstructed windows, tons of natural light flows in. The sink and appliances were upgraded to stainless steel models. And yes, we like the wall of roosters. It's a kooky, off-beat addition to an otherwise clean-cut kitchen.

Ample counter and cabinet space extends around the whole kitchen. A stainless steel hood and range creates an ideal cooking area. A nice extra for any kitchen -- a built-in wine cooler -- completes this drastic kitchen makeover. Potential buyers are in for a treat with this nearly renovated home.

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