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Friday, July 22, 2011

Designer Lane Offers Painless Home Remodeling

Designer Lane Offers Painless Home Remodeling

For the last few years, DIY (Do It Yourself) has been all the rage, with numerous television shows helping to fuel the rise of Do It Yourselfers. For some individuals, DIY can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if those individuals have previous construction experience, great connections, a knack for building things, tremendous patience, or all of the above.
There is an experienced and reliable, yet new and innovative organization in the DFW Metroplex that aims to save their clients lots of time, lots of money and the obligatory headaches that usually accompany home remodeling projects. Designer Lane recently opened its beautiful 1,500 sq. ft. showroom in Hurst, and according to CEO Charly Everett, “We hope to change the public’s perception about the way to remodel their home, all the while educating our clients to help them avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately await those who are less experienced. Our vast experience dealing with clients who have experiences fire and flood damage to their homes, and working under the worst situations, really gives us a unique perspective on how to truly be a service provider.”
For the average person, Designer Lane suggests the DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself) approach. There are many potholes on the road from the beginning of a dream design in one’s head until it is finally complete and everything is functioning properly. Often times, eagerness on the part of the homeowner and the yearning to be self-sufficient works against them, and this is never truer than when it comes to design and remodeling.
The internet has helped people have increasingly grand visions of the type of beautiful kitchen or bath they desire, and this is both good and bad. Many folks will look up some designs online, and from there plan a big Saturday to go out and get their entire remodeling project laid out in a few short hours. In their minds, a morning trip to one of the big box retailers will have them done and home in time to attend their kid’s soccer or baseball game. Once bombarded with an avalanche of design information, reality usually smacks would be designers in the face, which can cause lots of frustration and wasted money.
To get the kind of beautiful kitchen and/or bath you truly desire, and avoid the plentiful potholes along the way, check out the Designer Lane approach. The folks that make up the leadership of Designer Lane have been in the construction business for nearly 40 years, and unlike the big box retailers and most contractors, Designer Lane provides a truly turnkey project from design to installation, utilizing their own people to do so. According to the good folks at Designer Lane, the time, money and headaches you save will be well worth it.
Designer Lane is located at 113 Souder Drive, Hurst, TX. To ask a question or set an appointment, call 817.268.0000.

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