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Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Patch Damaged Vinyl Flooring

How to Patch Damaged Vinyl Flooring

Home improvement expert Danny Lipford explains the steps involved in repairing damaged vinyl floor by patching and sealing it.

When rolled flooring like carpet or vinyl is damaged, the only way to repair it without completely replacing it is to patch it but because this stuff is made in batches or a lot, it's nearly impossible to match the color and texture.

With most vinyl, there is a repeating pattern in the print, so that's the point where you want to do your cutting to remove the damaged piece. Use a flat, straight edge to help you cut a nice, straight line. When you remove the damaged piece, you'll also need to clean up any glue that might be left behind.

The patch piece can be cut from a scrap in much the same way so that it fits perfectly in the hole. A little bit of vinyl glue on the subfloor will hold the patch in place but you'll need to clean up any excess glue with mineral spirits.

To ensure the patch becomes truly a part of the repaired floor, seal the seams with vinyl seam sealer. If you do this right, the patch will never be noticed.

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