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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Use a loans calculator when planning home improvements

Use a loans calculator when planning home improvements

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One of the many reasons that people often need take out a loan is to help to pay for home improvements. This could involve something as simple as redecorating a bedroom or a more complex job such as building an extension.
Just as preparation is the key before carrying out any DIY job or building work, the same is true when working out how much you need to borrow for such a project – which is where our online loans calculator can be particularly useful. If projects are large in scale they can quickly spiral out of control, which is why setting a realistic budget can be essential.
At Lloyds TSB, there’s a number of ways we can help you once you’ve decided on your budget for the work. For example, by using our loans calculator you can work out how the repayments will fit in with your other monthly outgoings and commitments, while our affordability guide is also worth a read before making your application. After you’ve told the calculator the amount you wish to borrow and the term of the loan, it will be able to provide an illustration of what you can expect to pay, based on our typical rate. If you’re unsure of these details, you can instead enter a rough amount and let the calculator give you an idea of a term which may work for you. However, ultimately the actual loan and repayments may depend on your individual circumstances. Once you’re happy with the results the calculator has generated, you can start your application by simply clicking on the prompts. On the other hand, if you want to look at more of your options, you can enter new amounts or terms to calculate a new loan.
If you decide to go ahead with a personal loan application, it’s important that you take some time to read the useful information provided during the next part of the process. This page will advise you about the process and offer guidance on your eligibility. After reading this information, you will be aware of the details you’ll need to proceed to the next stage of the process, how long it’s likely to take and the system requirements needed on your computer.
When you start your application, you’ll need to input information such as your name and address, along with details of your employment and recent financial history. Once you’ve confirmed this is correct, you’ll be in a position to submit the application. If the loan is approved, you could soon be getting started on your project – which may not only make your home more comfortable, but also add to its value.

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